About Me

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I'm a UX Designer at Amazon, living in Washington D.C metro area. I design end-end consumer electronics shopping experiences for worldwide customers of Amazon. Previously I was at Symplicity leading the design of Career Services Manager which is used by thousands of educational institutes in the U.S, Canada, U.K, Australia, Singapore, Colombia and Brazil.

Before moving to D.C, I worked at Yahoo! in Los Angeles on Yahoo! video experiences as a UX Design Engineer.

My Design Style

My designs are primarily motivated by my commitment to solving customer and business needs. I believe that there isn't one perfect design solution. My approach to design is finding a solution that aligns with goals of both internal and external stakeholders.

My Values

😍 Driven by data and experince

I am a process-oriented designer who values research and testing. I listen to the information from all sides, but in the end my decisions are based on customer needs.

🚀 Willing to take risks

I believe that sometimes you have to break the rules or think outside of the box in order to catch the attention of the users. This project demonstrates that well.

📖 Always learning

I seek new challenges that push me to learn, and raise the bar on the quality of work I produce.

👥 Team player

I believe that it's important to align with, and also empower my teams. Because I am nothing without a good team.

My Typical Work Day

I work across multiple organizations in Amazon, to design end-to-end shopping solutions for our customers.

This includes talking to customers to understand their needs and goals, collaborating with product managers to create product roadmaps, working with other design orgs to create a unified design system, and working with developers to support implementation.

My Design Process

In a nutshell, my process involves identifying a problem or an opportunity for improvement, defining the problem, ideating solutions, validating solutions with customers and supporting the development process.

My detailed deisgn process varies based on the type of product or feature, customer goals, business goals and deadlines.

Outside of Work

You'll find me writing about design on my blog, practicing the piano, reading, exploring food and art in D.C., or binge watching TV.